General Guide for the Presentation of Academic Work

The General Guide for the Presentation of Academic Work provides general advice on reaching acceptable standards of academic work at the University of Ballarat, with particular emphasis on the academic referencing styles required in undergraduate study.

Consider this advice in conjunction with the requirements of individual course descriptions, and any additional instructions from the lecturer, tutor, teacher or School responsible for setting particular pieces of assessable work.

The complete manual for each referencing style found in this Guide are available in the UB Library Reference section. Refer to the Library website ( for availability.

 General Guide

Main Topics

Table of Contents
Presentation standards
Format and structure
Layout and appearance
Written expression
Citing Sources
    APA citation style
    MLA citation style
    Australian citation style
    Chicago note citation style

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The General Guide is available for purchase from the following locations:

  • Campus Bookshop, Mt Helen Campus, Ballarat
  • Ballarat Books, 15 Armstrong Street North, Ballarat
  • Horsham Library, Horsham Campus, Horsham

University of Ballarat Staff can purchase the Guide from the above locations, or order copies through their School or UB Print Services (

Email questions about the General Guide to:

The General guide for the presentation of academic work is an initiative of the University of Ballarat Transition Committee (UBTC).

Services which support online access and updating of the General Guide are delivered by the Centre for eCommerce and Communications (CeCC).


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